Yoga and Psychology

Dear Friends,

I am excited to announce that The Yogi DR is growing and we added another physician that is dedicated to helping the lives of others through Clinical Psychology.  Pain and trauma whether physical or emotional can influencing our lives in a number of ways.  Yoga is merely one solution to try to work through some of the mental blocks that we have.  It is important to take a comprehensive approach when addressing pain and trauma patterns.  There are a number of different modalities and methods that can help us to find the underlying source of the trauma. Fortunately, we have professionals like Dr. Kelly Mothner who is dedicated to helping the lives of patients through personal empowerment.  Dr. Mother helps her clients “process their experiences, explore their feelings, and most importantly, confront themselves. Everyone comes into therapy for a different reason. Knowing there is a safe place for one’s confusion or despair is the first step to healing and growth.”  Mr. Mothner creates an environment of warmth and genuineness where she will affirm your strengths and challenges you to use them while providing you with an opportunity to explore new ways of seeing yourself and relating to others.  Pretty amazing stuff!  Whether you live in the South Bay/Los Angeles area or live at a distance, Dr. Mothner is here to aid you in your personal growth.

To learn more about Dr. Kelly Mothner, please go to: or call 310-892-2572



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